Ollie Dreon

Co-Host of Science In-Between

Dr. Oliver (Ollie) Dreon is a professor in the School of Education and Human Services at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. At Millersville, Ollie teaches a wide variety of education and instructional technology courses both in face-to-face and online formats. Ollie is the co-author of the books Authentic Instruction with Technology: A Student-Centered Approach and The Power of Blended Learning in the Sciences and is the co-editor of the book, Teacher Education for Ethical Professional Practices in the 21st Century. Ollie has also published in various journals, including the Middle Level Journal, TechTrends, Teachers and Teaching, Science Education, Online Classroom, Distance Education , Academic Leader and Teacher Education & Practice. Ollie has spent almost thirty years teaching in various educational environments and provides regular professional development and consultation on online and blended learning. His work examines how technology can be used to support student development through physical, online, and hybrid learning spaces. Prior to coming to Millersville, Ollie taught middle school and high school science in the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg areas.

Ollie Dreon has hosted 203 Episodes.