Researching Epistemic Agency

Episode 135 · April 6th, 2023 · 41 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, we discuss some recent research on epistemic agency in science education. The list includes:

Miller, E., Manz, E., Russ, R., Stroupe, D., & Berland, L. (2018). Addressing the epistemic elephant in the room: Epistemic agency and the next generation science standards. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 55(7), 1053-1075.

Krist, C., Machaka, N., Voss, D., Mathayas, N., Kelly, S., & Shim, S. Y. (2023). Teacher Noticing for Supporting Students’ Epistemic Agency in Science Sensemaking Discussions. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 1-21.

Zhang, J., Tian, Y., Yuan, G., & Tao, D. (2022). Epistemic agency for costructuring expansive knowledge‐building practices. Science Education, 106(4), 890-923.

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