Stupid things... And we love them.

Episode 33 · April 14th, 2021 · 47 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

This week, we discuss the things that we learned from the pandemic and the things we hope get carried forward. Or not. In one section, we share a quote from Dr. Teresa Thayer Snyder, a retired superintendent from upstate New York. Dr. Snyder writes:

" When the children return to school, they will have returned with a new history that we will need to help them identify and make sense of. When the children return to school, we will need to listen to them. Let their stories be told. They have endured a year that has no parallel in modern times. There is no assessment that applies to who they are or what they have learned. Remember, their brains did not go into hibernation during this year. Their brains may not have been focused on traditional school material, but they did not stop either. Their brains may have been focused on where their next meal is coming from, or how to care for a younger sibling, or how to deal with missing grandma, or how it feels to have to surrender a beloved pet, or how to deal with death. Our job is to welcome them back and help them write that history.”

The full text can be found on Diane Ravitch's site.

Things that bring us joy this week:
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Domi and JD Beck - Sniff

Intro/Outro Music: Notice of Eviction by Legally Blind
Production assistance by Enzo Dreon