Up Your Explanatory Quotient

Episode 8 · October 21st, 2020 · 37 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

This week we talk about how to think about the laboratory experience in online, remote, and mixed mode environments. What is the difference between things that can't normally be done in a classroom that you might use even in face to face environments, and things that are replacements for thing that you would have done face to face where you are using video to show the procedure of a lab and then giving students access to date. The key is to provide experiences that open up opportunities for kids to reason about phenomena, not just follow a procedure.

Here are some key resources for supporting investigations in online science teaching:

Concord Consortium
PhET Simulations

We are working on a website with an annotated clearinghouse of resources that we have vetted. Hope to have it up soon.

Things that bring us joy this week:
Ticket to Ride

Intro/Outro Music: Notice of Eviction by Legally Blind
Production assistance by Enzo Dreon